It is Provence for the imagination it arouses. Not the one
santons and folk costumes but the one who, from
Matisse to Picasso, via Peter Mayle and Christian
Lacroix, inspired the creators. By its colors and its light,
its scope and possibilities. Provence that summer, on time
from the siesta, springing from the sound of the cicadas; Provence which
autumn, under a rose-studded sky, offers the caress of its
deliciously declining light to the walker
cross its vast territory punctuated by sea, river, lakes,
mountains and hillocks. From this terroir, where know-how and
singularities add up in a multiple mixing, I wanted
draw on the essentials to imagine an art of living that brings
touches Provence all over the world.
A way of life that revisits Indian women from Nîmes, mixed lands,
basketry, in a more contemporary and universal spirit.
A fashion inspired by costumes and customs but which
never ape them.
As a tribute to a country where my
roots, I deploy a collection of clothes and
accessories, for the home and for oneself, which borrow their
trade secrets to the best craftsmen and artists
provençaux to transform them with an innovative gesture into linen
of home, embroidered placemats, adjusted tunics, flamboyant jewels,… Portable this time under all latitudes.